Honest1 Roadworthy Warranty

Welcome to Honest1 , where we put you and your community first by making sure your cars stay roadworthy! With Honest1, you're not just getting superior service, but a promise that we back all our work with the best repair warranty in the industry. 

Our warranty is like a friendly superhero, protecting you for a whopping 36 months and 36,000 miles - whichever is to your ADVANTAGE. That’s right, we said YOUR ADVANTAGE. This means that if you've driven only 20,000 miles in 5 years, we've still got your back until you hit that 36,000-mile mark! Or if you’re an overachiever who drives 60,000 miles in 2 years, rest assured that we've still got you covered until the end of that 3rd year. 

Only The Best!

Since our first store opened in 2005, we've aimed to lead the way in the auto care industry. When others were offering 12 or 24-month warranties, we dared to offer a 36-month warranty. But we didn't stop there. We listened to you, our loyal guests, and used your feedback to create the best warranty program in the business: the Honest1 Roadworthy Warranty.

Our warranty isn't just a piece of paper, but a robust shield against defects in new parts, improper installations, and it even covers parts and labor that others won’t touch.     
So we got you covered! 

And guess what? Making a claim is as easy as pie!

If you are within 25 miles of your original Honest1 Auto Care repair location, just call or swing by with your original repair invoice for the fastest, easiest and most convenient service. Our Roadworthy Experts are ready to assist you in understanding your coverage and scheduling a service appointment.

Please remember: You must keep and present a copy of the original repair invoice to receive service covered by our Roadworthy Warranty.  Your original repair invoice may also include additional terms, conditions and exclusions that are additive and take precedence over the general terms, limitations, and exclusions of our Roadworthy Warranty.

Wherever You Go, We Are There!

Traveling out of town? No worries! With a massive network of 58,000 participating locations across the U.S., there's always a service center nearby, ready to help. If you're more than 25 miles away from your original Honest1 Auto Care location and need help, just give us a ring. Our team is on hand to guide you through the warranty process and find the quickest solutions to get you back on the road ASAP.

Nationwide coverage valid at 58,000 service centers throughout the USA!

If you are seeking warranty service and are more than 25 miles from the original Honest1 Auto Care location, you MUST follow these steps:

* If you cannot reasonably get to the original Honest1 Auto Care repair location, please call that Honest1 to alert them of the issue prior to calling the Warranty Administrator or having repairs performed at another facility. Our team members will assist you with the warranty process. We have programs in place to help cover costs of towing, if needed, and we will find the easiest solutions to get you back on the road ASAP!

* If you need warranty assistance outside of our normal hours of operation, please call our Warranty Administrator at 1 (866) 268-8475 prior to any warranty work being performed. This toll-free number can be reached from 8a-8p EST M-F, and from 8a-5:30p EST on Saturday, excluding U.S. holidays.

The Warranty Administrator will direct you to the nearest participating service center for warranty work. If there are no participating service centers in your area, you may take your vehicle to a non-participating service center. If the non-participating service center will not accept payment from the Warranty Administrator, you will need to pay for the warranty service and submit both your original repair invoice and subsequent warranty repair invoice to our Warranty Administrator for reimbursement.

Want the Juicy Details?

Please click here for some good bed-time reading outlining our awesome Roadworthy Warranty's full terms, limitations, and exclusions.


Emergency? Let Us Be Your Roadside Knight In Shining Armor! 

With any purchase of $25 or more at any Honest1 service center, you get our 24-Hour To-Your-Rescue 365 Roadside Assistance Program - at no extra cost! We’re on standby 24/7, ready to rescue you and your car!

Call us 24/7 for roadside assistance: 1 (866) 268-8475

Whether you need a tow, help with a flat tire, a jump-start or you've locked yourself out, give us a call and we'll swoop in to save the day! With a $75 reimbursement for these services, we've got you covered.

And the best part? Each time you return to an Honest1 Auto Care location for service of $25 or more, you extend the roadside assistance coverage for 365 days. Talk about a win-win!

Note: Coverage is strictly limited to the specific customer and vehicle identified on the original invoice. Roadside service is available in the United States and Canada.  You must pay for the requested service (credit card or cash accepted). You will be reimbursed for covered services up to a maximum of $75.00 per occurrence. Limit 2 occurrences per coverage period.  The driver of the vehicle must be with the vehicle when the service provider arrives, as roadside assistance cannot be provided to an unattended vehicle. If the driver is not with the vehicle, you may incur additional fees which are not covered under the terms of this program. Please review all terms, limitations, and exclusions for our 24-Hour To-Your-Rescue 365 Roadside Assistance Program provided with your original invoice. 24/7, ready to rescue you and your car!

View the complete details of the Roadworthy Warranty here.