Cooling System & Radiator Services

Regular maintenance keeps radiator and cooling system repairs to a minimum

Your car's cooling system is your engine's personal A/C. Your radiator, pump, hoses, and fan work together to stop overheating in its tracks. Regular maintenance—including radiator and coolant flush—is the best way to keep your engine running smoothly. If you suspect your ride is running hot, our Roadworthy Experts™ can cover any radiator cooling system repair.

Get to know your radiator

You can tell when your A/C is running too hot or cold, but do you know how to tell when your radiator is on the fritz? Often, it’s an issue with coolant levels (protects the engine) or antifreeze (protects the coolant).

When it's time for cooling system repair or maintenance: 

Avoid serious (expensive) damage by bringing your vehicle in as soon as you notice these radiator or cooling system repair symptoms: 

  1. A sweet maple syrup smell 
  2. High-temperature readings on your gauge
  3. Leaking blue or orange fluid 

Back your next cooling system repair with an Honest1 Roadworthy Guarantee™. 

More about radiator repair and maintenance at Honest1: 

Feeling the heat? Our Roadworthy™ technicians are ready for any radiator repair or maintenance issue. They will: 

  • Check for leaks, defects, or sneaky failures
  • Perform an antifreeze and coolant flush 
  • Check your serpentine belt/drive belt
  • Check your pressure cap
  • Inspect your radiator for corrosion 

Need more than a coolant flush or radiator repair? Our expert technicians can create a customized maintenance plan to keep you and your ride Roadworthy™.

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