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So, you've noticed your ride has been feeling a bit like a roller coaster lately? If tiny bumps feel like mountains and steering seems more like a workout, it's high time your steering and suspension system got some TLC.

Ensure a smooth ride, every time!

Our ASE certified technicians at Honest1 are like your vehicle's best friends – they'll check out your car, show you what needs fixing, explain why, and give you a clear idea of what it's going to cost.

Steering and Suspension: Keeping You Smooth & Straight

Your vehicle's suspension system is like a comfort team, with springs, shock absorbers, struts, and connecting arms making sure your ride is smooth and easy to steer. Over time, like all good teams, they might get a little worn out, leading to tire wear, poor alignment, and less control.

The steering system, either a rack-and-pinion or a multi-link design, connects your steering wheel to the wheels. In multi-link systems, individual components can be serviced, whereas, in rack-and-pinion systems, a complete replacement is usually recommended.

Suspension and Steering System Red Flags 

Manufacturers usually suggest checking the steering and suspension system every 50,000 miles. But if you encounter any of these warning signs, Honest1's Roadworthy Experts are here to help:

  • A ride that feels like a moon bounce
  • Steering wheel looking a bit crooked
  • Steering favoring one side
  • Turning the steering wheel feels like a gym session
  • Weird noises post bumps or dips
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Steering wheel wobbling about

Understanding Shocks & Struts

Confused about shocks and struts? You're not alone! Simply put, they're integral parts of your suspension system, making your ride comfortable and controlled.

Shock absorbers, or "shocks," adjust to the road, reducing the bounce in your ride. Struts, while similar to shocks, also provide structural support for your suspension, helping keep your wheels properly aligned.

Keep these components in good shape to avoid any major impact on your vehicle's performance.

Shocks & Struts Red Flags

Keep an eye out for these signs, indicating it might be time for a repair or replacement:

  • A ride that's bumpier than a rodeo
  • Vehicle bouncing repeatedly after a bump
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Steering wheel feeling stiffer than a brick
  • Noises when steering
  • Your vehicle's nose dipping when you brake
  • Vehicle swaying or leaning on turns

When it comes to your vehicle's steering and suspension, trust Honest1 to keep things smooth and straight! 

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