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Your steering system keeps you going in a straight line while your suspension absorbs for any bumps along the way. Over time, parts like your shocks and struts wear out, leading to tire damage and less overall control. If tiny bumps feel like mountains and steering feels like a workout, our Roadworthy™ certified vehicle suspension services are here.

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Vehicle suspension services 101

When to schedule vehicle suspension services

One minor issue with your suspension can lead to bigger problems with other parts. Bring your ride in for car suspension repair if you notice: 

  1. Every road feels like a bounce house
  2. Your steering wheel looks crooked
  3. You hear weird noises after a bump or dip
  4. You notice uneven tire wear
  5. Your car is pulling to one side

When it's time for a shocks and struts replacement or repair

Like the memory foam in a mattress, your car's shocks absorb motion to create a smoother ride. And like the box springs underneath the mattress, struts provide the structural support for the rest of the system. To avoid a complete shocks and struts replacement, bring your ride in for vehicle suspension services if:

  1. Your steering wheel feels stiff
  2. Your vehicle sways or leans on turns
  3. Your vehicle's nose dips when you brake
  4. You notice uneven tire wear
  5. Every drive is bumpy

We back every car suspension repair with our Honest1 Roadworthy Warranty™. 

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