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Your exhaust and muffler systems keep your ride healthy, safe, and efficient. This vital set of parts moves harmful gases from your engine to the tailpipe and away from you. When something obstructs your flow or filter, it can damage your car and the environment around it. That's why our Roadworthy Experts™ specialize in exhaust services, including muffler replacement and repair. 

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Exhaust services 101

Signs it's time for an exhaust or muffler replacement 

With every Honest1 diagnostic, our Roadworthy Technicians™ keep your rides smooth and eco-friendly by looking for the following:

  1. Cracks, warps, and sputters
  2. Unusual vibrations and rattles
  3. Loud exhaust sounds, rattles, and bangs
  4. A dip in gas mileage
  5. A sulfuric or "rotten egg" smell
  6. Loss of power when accelerating

Bring your vehicle to your local Honest1 to avoid a full exhaust or muffler replacement. 

Meet the star of our exhaust services: your catalytic converter

Your catalytic converter filters out and cleans your ride’s emissions before releasing them. It plays such an important role that the Federal Clean Air Act requires every car to have one. If you think your catalytic converter needs replacement or repair, our technicians will:

  1. Run a digital diagnostic 
  2. Repair any leaks
  3. Monitor fuel consumption 
  4. Test for contamination

Need more than exhaust services? We'll show you what needs fixing—and explain why. 

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