Auto A/C & Heating Repair

We make auto A/C repair a breeze

Sweating on a hot day? Freezing in the cold? No matter the season or destination, you need your A/C and heating systems in tip-top shape. During an auto A/C repair service, our rockstar mechanics look for even the tiniest leaks, cracks, and issues. Then they replace anything that needs replacing, top off fluids, and send you back on your Roadworthy™ way.

You can avoid pricey replacements when you know what to look (and listen) for

When it's time for an auto A/C repair:

Your car's HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system helps you control the temperature by removing heat. You might need a Roadworthy™ auto A/C repair when: 

  1. Airflow feels more like a whisper than a breeze
  2. Air never cools down all the way
  3. A/C controls seem to have a mind of their own
  4. There are strange smells or sounds when the A/C is running

If you suspect something’s wrong, our certified technicians can handle any auto A/C repair you bring them. 

When it's time for a car heater repair:

Also part of the HVAC system, your heater is like a mini radiator powered by the heat of your engine. We often forget about the heater—that is, until winter hits. To avoid a last-minute “car heater replacement" bring your car in if: 

  1. Your airflow weakens, or your car can't heat up all the way
  2. You can't control the heat
  3. There are strange smells or sounds when the heater is running

If you need a car heater repair, we've got the Roadworthy Experts™ who can make it happen.

What can impact the function of your car's A/C system?

If your car's air conditioning isn't delivering cool air like it should, it could be one of several culprits.

  1. Insufficient coolant levels
  2. Leaks
  3. Dirty or blocked condenser
  4. Faulty compressors 
  5. Clogged air filters 

Need something more than auto A/C repair? Our certified technicians and full suite of services are ready to lend a hand.

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