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Kickstart Your Journey with Honest1's Battery Starting and Charging Repairs

Hola, Road Adventurers! Ever had your car acting like a drowsy sloth, slow to start, or even not starting at all? But wait, the dashboard lights are still shining bright! Looks like your battery might be playing hide and seek.

At Honest1 , our ASE and Roadworthy certified auto maestros can properly test, diagnose, and get your battery and charging system up and running, just like the good ol' days.

Keep the heart of your car strong and ready for action!

We're all about delivering exceptional quality in auto repair services and earning your trust. And hey, our promises aren't just words! We back it up with our industry-leading Roadworthy Warranty, valid at over 58,000 locations across the U.S. It runs for 36 months and 36,000 miles - you choose what works best for you!

Battery Trouble? Here's How to Spot It!

  • Your engine is slow to start or not starting
  • Dashboard lights are on, but the car won't start
  • Your lights seem dimmer than usual
  • There's corrosion on the battery terminals
  • Your battery is older than 3 years

The Dynamic Duo: Alternator & Starter

But hey, your battery isn't the lone ranger in keeping your vehicle moving. Meet the other two musketeers - the alternator and the starter.

The alternator is the energetic pal that keeps your battery charged on the go and powers the exciting stuff like headlights, power seats, radio, and interior and exterior lights.

Bad alternator symptoms are similar to a grumpy battery, but could also include a battery warning light or weakened electrical components.

Meanwhile, the starter is the trusty sidekick that works with your battery to get your engine purring. That 'cranking' or 'clicking' sound when you start your car? That's your starter saying 'Hello'! If the starter is feeling under the weather, your engine may not crank or click at all, even with a healthy battery.

Still can't tell if your battery's asking for a swap? Don't sweat it! Get in touch with us to schedule a charging system checkup. Our ASE certified and experienced technicians will examine your alternator and starter too, recommending the best course of action to keep your ride smooth and trouble-free! 

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