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Even if your lights shine bright, your battery could still be slowing you down. That’s why our Roadworthy Experts™ test, diagnose, and perform car battery replacements daily. Combined with our entire lineup of auto repair services, we’ll give your battery more than just a quick jump. 

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Car Battery Services 101

Signs you need a battery replacement 

If you purchased the battery less than three years ago, it might be replacement time if: 

  1. Your engine is slow to start or not starting
  2. Dashboard lights are on, but the car won't start
  3. Your lights seem dimmer than usual
  4. There's corrosion on the battery terminals

Whether you need a car battery replacement or jump-start, our Roadworthy Experts™ are here to keep your ride running longer and more efficiently. 

Look out for these battery drainers 

  • Extreme Temperatures: Both extreme heat and cold can put stress on your battery and wear it out faster 
  • Lack of Use: Infrequent use or long stretches in the garage means your battery isn't getting a chance to recharge as it should 
  • Overcharging: Going overboard (often due to a faulty alternator) can overheat and damage the battery
  • Corrosion: Corrosion (white or blue gunk) on the battery terminals can mess with the charging process 
  • Electrical Drain: Leaving lights, electronics, or other gadgets on when the engine is off 

Beyond the battery: Your alternators and starter

The alternator gets your engine running, and the starter keeps your battery charged on the go. Issues with these parts can be more challenging to identify, and a car battery replacement won’t fix them. If your alternator or starter faces problems, you might: 

  1. Stall more and more often
  2. Notice dimmer internal or external lights
  3. Smell burning rubber or wires
  4. Hear a growling or whining noise 

Schedule car battery services at an Honest1 near you. Our team won’t just get you back on the road. We’ll make sure you don’t need another charging system checkup again for a while.

Need more than car battery services? Our certified technicians can show you what needs fixing and explain why. 

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