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Just like how shoes are important for a comfortable walk, properly maintained tires and wheels are critical for a smooth and safe ride. Your tires and wheels are in constant touch with the road, leading to natural wear and tear that can impact your vehicle's performance. Not to mention, any neglect can lead to expensive repairs down the line.

Catch the Sneaky Problems Early with Our Roadworthy Inspection!

Our Roadworthy Experts are absolute whizzes when it comes to caring for, repairing, and replacing your vehicle's wheels and tires. Regular maintenance can extend their life, save you some bucks in long-term repairs, and ensure your ride is consistently safe and enjoyable.

We're like the detectives of the tire world - our inspections help catch potential issues before they become giant, money-guzzling problems!

Tire Services

Whether it's a rogue nail or the passage of time calling for new tires, Honest1 has your back! Be on the lookout for these tire red flags:

  • Cracks in your tires
  • Bald or worn-out treads
  • Shaking or vibrations while driving
  • Low tire tread measurement
  • Persistent loss of air
  • Flat spots from long idle times
  • Damage from nasty curbs or pesky potholes

Tire Rotation

Don't forget to rotate your tires according to the manufacturer guidelines, or every 6,000-8,000 miles. Tip: Try rotating them with each oil change to keep it easy to remember. This keeps wear even across all tires, ensuring a smoother and safer drive.


Our technicians use state-of-the-art machines to align your wheels with surgeon-like precision.

Wheel Services

The most common wheel issue is bent rims. If you've had a close encounter with a curb, we can help. Bent wheels can throw off your vehicle's balance and be a safety risk, so it's important to get them checked out pronto.

Be aware of these wheel red flags:

  • Bent or dented wheels
  • Small pits appearing on the wheel
  • Visible corrosion or rust

Wheel Balancing

Our certified technicians use a balancer to place weights and distribute the tire's weight evenly on the wheel's rim, ensuring a smoother ride and even tire wear. If your steering wheel is throwing a shake party, you may need to get your wheels balanced.

Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings carry your vehicle's weight and keep your wheels rolling smoothly. A worn-out bearing can cause friction and hinder smooth wheel movement. The most common sign of a bad wheel bearing is a grinding noise coming from the wheel when moving.

Wheel Replacements

When repairs aren't enough, we're here to provide replacements for your car and light truck wheels. Trust in Honest1 to keep your ride smooth and safe! 

If you have questions regarding tires and wheels, please contact our friendly Roadworthy Experts to schedule an appointment today!

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