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Keep things rolling with Honest1 tire services 

Your car’s shoes were made for driving. But no matter how many pesky potholes you avoid, we all need auto tire repair from time to time. Just like your favorite pair of sneakers, your tires spend a lot of time up against the road and elements—minor wear and tear is unavoidable. And your wheels, the feet inside the shoes, need care of their own. Keep your tires Roadworthy™ with regular tire and wheel repair at Honest1. 

About our tire services 

Your local Honest1 can handle any patch, rotation, or change out. Not sure which one you need? Here's a breakdown: 

Patch or plug: 

If the damage happens on the tread, AKA the “auto tire repair zone,” and is smaller than ¼ inch (a small crack or puncture), you'll likely be okay with just a patch. 

Tire rotation: 

Schedule a tire rotation every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, but always be on the lookout for: 

  1. Worn-out treads 
  2. Shaking or vibrations while driving
  3. Decreasing tire pressure
  4. Worsening miles per gallon 

Tire replacement:  

  1. If there’s any damage over ¼ inch
  2. If there’s any damage on the side wall (the part of the tire surrounding the rim and not touching the road)
  3. If your tire is bald

When something as minor as uneven tires can lead to bigger problems, regular tire services are an important part of protecting your investment. Schedule your next tire repair, rotation, or replacement at Honest1 for a Roadworthy Guarantee™.

Remember the wheels: 

The wheels underneath your shiny rims are just as important as the tires wrapped around them. Bent wheels can throw off your vehicle's balance. So, if you've had a close encounter with a curb, notice corrosion and rust, or feel like your ride’s off balance, schedule a wheel repair with us at Honest1.

Need more than tire services? Our Roadworthy Certified™ technicians are trained to keep your ride safe from bumper to bumper and back again. 


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