Vehicle Repairs

Honest1 is your one-stop shop for vehicle repairs 

Even if you're a mechanic, having to fix your car or truck is never fun. Luckily, the team at Honest1 can guide you through the entire auto repair process. Our Roadworthy Experts™ are ready to tackle anything from diagnosing to fixing or replacing. With every visit, they arm you with the what, why, and what next—how car repairs should be.

When to schedule your car repairs: 

Regular maintenance and a keen eye are the best ways to keep your ride Roadworthy™. However, knowing the signs and symptoms of common vehicle repairs can help you get ahead of expensive issues.

Look for leaks:

  1. Yellowish-green, pastel blue, or fluorescent orange: Points to an overheating engine or a leaky cooling system.
  2. Dark brown or black: Could be an oil leak from a bad seal or gasket.
  3. Red: Might mean a transmission or power steering fluid leak.
  4. Clear: Likely condensation from your A/C and nothing to stress over. 

Listen for trouble: 

  1. Squeal: Could be a loose or worn belt or brake system issue.
  2. Click: Probably the hardest to pin down; can mean a stuck valve lifter, low engine oil, brake issues, an axle issue, or something in your tire.
  3. Screech: Maybe a problem with your brake, wheel bearing, or drivetrain.
  4. Rumble: Often indicates worn drive-line components.
  5. Ping: Usually the result of using lower octane gas than recommended.
  6. Heavy Knocking: Might be a worn crankshaft or connecting rod bearings.
  7. Clunk: Possibly a loose shock absorber, suspension component, exhaust pipe, or motor mount.

Focus on the ride: 

  1. Trouble steering: Likely misaligned wheels or worn steering components.
  2. Pulling to one direction: The tendency to steer left or right could be due to under-inflated tires, a misaligned front end, or failed brake components.
  3. Rough ride and handling: Worn shock absorbers, suspension components, or improper tire inflation can affect cornering. A vehicle that bounces twice or more when pushed down hard at each wheel might need new shocks.

Honest1 vehicle repairs are backed by our Roadworthy Warranty™ and handled by a caring team of certified technicians 

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