Diagnostics & Inspection  

Sleuth Out Your Car Troubles with Honest1's Diagnostic Testing & Inspection Services

Hello there, Fellow Motor-Heads! Ever had your car grumble and groan in ways you can't quite understand? That's where our Diagnostic & Inspection services step in, acting like the Sherlock Holmes of car issues, sniffing out problems and unmasking the culprits behind them!

In the vehicular whodunit, inspections are the first clue-gathering phase to identify potential issues, while diagnostic testing is the deep dive that uncovers the "why" and "what now" of the issue.  

At Honest1 , our ASE and Roadworthy certified technicians are the gumshoes you can trust to thoroughly inspect and diagnose your ride's problems. We utilize cutting-edge manufacturer-approved test equipment to identify any repairs that demand your immediate or future attention!

The Inspections Line-Up Services

We're all about keeping you in the loop. We discuss the inspection results with you, and any repair work happens only after you give the green light on the time and costs. So, what's on our inspection checklist?

  • Digital vehicle health Roadworthy Inspection
  • Comprehensive travel inspection
  • Brake system evaluation
  • A/C system evaluation
  • Battery starting and charging test
  • Headlight / taillight inspection
  • Tire tread scrutiny
  • Warning light evaluation
  • Pre-purchase inspection for new / used vehicles

The Diagnostic Detective Work

Our diagnostics are like a magnifying glass that zeros in on every detail of your vehicle. We dig deep and decipher the cryptic messages your car is trying to communicate. Our Diagnostic Services include:

  • Diagnosing starting / charging issues
  • Locating fluid leaks
  • Assessing air bag / passive restraint / SRS
  • Checking lighting systems
  • Evaluating warning light/gauges
  • Inspecting brake systems
  • Examining A/C and heating systems
  • Testing cooling system
  • Inspecting diesel systems
  • Diagnosing emissions fuel and ignition
  • Full diagnosis for unknown issues
  • Evaluating drivetrain
  • Examining suspension system
  • Checking alignment
  • Inspecting drive belt/serpentine belt/tensioner
  • Testing electrical system
  • Examining engine
  • Inspecting motor mount
  • Assessing exhaust system
  • Checking steering system
  • Evaluating suspension
  • Inspecting wheel and tire
  • Assessing TPMS
  • Checking clutch
  • Evaluating transmission
  • Diagnosing wiper washer system

Remember, a problem well-stated is a problem half-solved, and at Honest1 , we're here to do just that – understand your car's woes and help it get back on the road, happy and healthy! 


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