Transmission Services

Avoid an expensive transmission replacement with regular tune ups

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Your transmission—your engine’s powerful best friend—needs regular maintenance to stay Roadworthy™ and ready for anything. Whether it's a flush, tune-up, or repair, our technicians cover even the most complicated transmission services, doing everything they can to avoid an expensive transmission replacement. 

What Drivers are Saying

Transmission services 101

No matter what kind of car you drive, you’ll eventually need a transmission fluid exchange. Your vehicle’s manual will tell you how often to change the fluids and refresh filters. To avoid a complete transmission replacement, look for spiking temperatures, slipping or delayed gear shifts, and strange noises.

What to expect during our transmission services

No matter what you drive, your transmission is a finely-tuned, complicated piece of machinery. To fix it, the engine often needs to be removed. It takes a lot of time and skill to do it right. During an inspection or repair, we: 

  1. Perform an automatic transmission fluid exchange 
  2. Replace the automatic transmission filter
  3. Examine the clutch and gear shift 
  4. Tune up the four-wheel drive system

We do more than transmission replacement and repair. Bring your ride to the shop and we'll get you back to Roadworthy™.

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