Transmission Services

Avoid an expensive transmission replacement with regular tune-ups at Honest1

Your car’s transmission system includes your drive shaft, axles, transfer case, and differentials. Just like an oil change, the occasional transmission fluid exchange is an important part of caring for all those moving pieces. Our technicians will take you through our transmission services step by step using our exclusive Roadworthy Inspection™. 

When to schedule transmission services:

No matter what kind of car you drive, you’ll eventually need a transmission fluid exchange. Your vehicle’s manual will tell you how often to give some juice along with when to refresh filters. To avoid a complete transmission replacement, look out for: 

  1. Spiking temperatures
  2. Slipping or delayed gear shifts
  3. Strange noises

What to expect during Honest1 transmission services: 

You might be tempted to handle a transmission fluid exchange yourself. But this section of your engine is more complicated than checking regular-old oil levels. Honest1 technicians are here to address (and explain more about) any auto transmission repair, flush, or replacement needs. We cover: 

  1. Automatic transmission fluid exchange (for both differential and transfer cases—no, you don’t have to know what either means) 
  2. Automatic transmission filter replacement
  3. Clutch/gear shift examination and repair
  4. Four-wheel drive tune-ups

We do more than transmission replacement and repair. Bring your ride to the shop and our certified technicians will get you back to Roadworthy™.

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